The Rise of the forgotten Packs

This pack is a semi realistic rp about a group of packs fighting to survive against humans, loners, bears, harsh winters, and even disease.

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    Silver the silver wolf


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    Silver the silver wolf

    Post by Silver on Mon Oct 20, 2014 4:02 pm

    Name: Silver

    Gender: Female

    Rank: Alpha female or Beta

    Pack: The Wind Pack

    Sexual Orientation: attracted to Males

    Age: 3 years old (young adult)

    Breed: 100% Grey Wolf

    Eye Color: Silvery grey blue

    Pelt Color: Silver-ish grey

    Markings: Three claw marks on right side of face.

    Height: 32 inches

    Weight: 115 pounds

    Overall Appearance: Silver has three claw marks on the right side of her face, she has silver-ish grey fur and silvery grey blue eyes, her fur is shaggy but well mantaned and groomed she stands at 32 inches tall and weighs 115 pounds, her tips of her ears are black, and she has huge paws for a female. Her teeth a ainch thick and long, peraly whites, meant for taring in to her prey and her opponites.

    Family: Shadow (father still alive) Sedge (mother dead) Midnight (step mom alive) Wind Alarm (older brother alive) Whisper (younger brother alive) Tricksey (younger sister dead) Snow ( younger sister alive)

    Friends: none

    Enemies: none

    Crush: none

    Mate: none

    Pups: none

    History: Silver lived in a huge pack run by her father Shadow the Alpha male and her mother Sedge the alpha female. Silver was birn with two older brothers and two younger sisters, leaving her to be the middle pup. When Silver was nine weeks old and able to wander from the den her father Shadow left to go hunting and returned with a black male pup. Silver and thee male pup became instent friends, but something else was forming between them. When they where one year old and able to join the pack offically and get ranks Silver got the rank as future Beta while her older brother Wind Alarm got future Alpha male, with training and pack duties Silver and the male did not have a lot of time together but they managed. Shadow took the male pup on a hunting trip and got attacked by rogues, the male pup ran but went the wrong way and got lost. Shadow returned to his pack and Silver never saw the male pup again. Tricksey Silvers younger sister did not like Silver being future Beta so one night she fought Silver for the rank and lost, Silver eneded up killing Tricksey that night. Then one day when Silver was two years old a new female joined the pack and wanted the rank as Alpha female, but knew Silvers mother was the Alpha female and well trained. One night Midnight went up to Silvers mother while she was sleeping and killed her in cold blood. Silver and Midnight never got along after thatand ended up fighting, since Midnight was older and more experenced then Silver, she won the fight and left a scar of three claw marks on Silvers right side of her face as a reminder of that day, Silver ended up leavi g the pack in search for a new one.

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    Re: Silver the silver wolf

    Post by Erste on Mon Oct 20, 2014 8:16 pm

    Accepted you may join rp now and you may be beta


    Re: Silver the silver wolf

    Post by Guest on Tue Oct 21, 2014 4:05 pm

    love the bio silver XD

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    Re: Silver the silver wolf

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