The Rise of the forgotten Packs

This pack is a semi realistic rp about a group of packs fighting to survive against humans, loners, bears, harsh winters, and even disease.

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    Emris The Aris

    Post by Guest on Fri Nov 07, 2014 11:23 pm

    Name: Emris

    Gender: Mistress

    Rank: lead Healer

    Pack: Midnight pack

    Sexual Orientation: Males

    Age: 3 years and 11 months

    Breed: Timber mixed with Artic

    Eye Color: gray-ish blue

    Pelt Color: creamy tan

    Markings: She has a cow-lick directly beside her right ear

    Height: 1 foot

    Weight: 79 around that I never am good with an animals weight

    Overall Appearance: She has fluffy, thick soft creamy creamer like coat. Gray-ish blue type eyes. Shorter legs and a little muscle but not much. Altogether rather small. A cow-lick beside her right ear. She is small.

    Family: Coco {Father} *Diseased* Flurry {Mother} *Alive* Honey {Younger sister} *Diseased* Willow {Big sister} *Alive*  Pepper {Little brother} *Alive*

    Friends: none yet

    Enemies: hunger and smart mouth

    Crush: can’t think of any

    Mate: Not yet

    Pups: adorable but not at the moment

    History: About a year ago when she and her younger sister Honey were looking for berries Honey was playing hide and seek. And a rouge wolf found her and chased Honey off the edge of a cliff. Emris didn’t make it in time and Honey fell to her doom. Her Family continues to morn with endless sorrows.

    Attitude: Emris has a extremely peculiar attitude. She is a very kind and a little distant and very shy. She hardly ever gets mad or upset. Always happy. But when she is insulted or stuff like that she goes off like a bomb. She uses ugly words and is very dirty mouthed.

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    Re: Emris The Aris

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