The Rise of the forgotten Packs

This pack is a semi realistic rp about a group of packs fighting to survive against humans, loners, bears, harsh winters, and even disease.

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    Border Patrol

    Post by Turt Reynolds on Mon Jul 20, 2015 3:57 pm

               Oxymoron strode proudly through the shadowy woods, unafraid of the danger. Her reasoning behind this was that whatever the danger was, it should have been aware of herself being more dangerous than it. It was normally Oxy's job to hunt, but because this got boring, Juniper had offered to hunt for the day. This left herself with the job of border patrol, which she found useless[okay, c'mon, who's really going to make it through the forest to attack Midnight Pack?] but nevertheless, there she was. Sniffing the air and walking quietly throughout her territory. Well.. not hers. Junipers. But still, since it was a small pack, she felt obligated to take care of it just as well. With Crimson gone, Juniper was doing the best she could to be as good an Alpha as he had been. Oxy could respect that.
                A bird chirped above her, and for fun, Oxymoron growled at it. It fleeted away throughout the woods, chirping an alarm call to all the other little birdies. As smart as birds might have been with hearing, and sight, they were plain dumb in body language. She wasn't about to hurt them- She couldn't even get in the tree. Listening for the paws of a wolf out of place, she continued on.

    [[derp, this is short, I'm sorry. Just needed something for her to do.]]

    A ways along the way, Oxymoron heard a familiar howl. She'd actually been hearing it a lot, lately. No surprise she recognized it. Swishing her tail, she howled a response. She would be there soon to help bring it back. It wasn't like she had anything to do in the forest anyways.


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