The Rise of the forgotten Packs

This pack is a semi realistic rp about a group of packs fighting to survive against humans, loners, bears, harsh winters, and even disease.

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    Little Black Fox

    Post by Crisis on Sat Jul 25, 2015 5:19 pm

    Little Black Fox

    Name: Crisis

    Gender: Female

    Rank: Beta, or Healer

    Pack: River

    Sexual Orientation: Normally Males

    Age: 2

    Breed: Maned Wolf

    Eye Color: Left eye is red, right is blue

    Pelt Color: Dark gray, almost black

    Markings: Plain gray paws, White tail tip, Solid black legs

    Height: 58 cm. (Slightly shorter then average Maned Wolf)

    Weight:52 lb.

    Overall Appearance: Small body with long legs. Crisis has large fluffy ears, she has a fluffy pelt and small paws. Crisis has a fluffy pup-like face and a short snout with a red eye and blue eye. Her thick pelt is a dark gray that looks almost black, but she has black legs, gray paws, and a white tail tip. (Kinda like this but with a red eye and blue eye)

    Family: Father Felix | Mother Sky | Siblings (1st Littler) Miller (Brother) Cali (Sister) Korma (Brother) | (2nd Litter) Crisis (aka 'Little Black Fox') Hedge (Brother)

    Friends:None at the moment, seen Almiko

    Enemies: Tormo

    Crush: None

    Mate: None

    Pups: None, but adores them.

    History: Crisis (Cri or nicknamed by Hedge 'Little Black Fox') was born into a average sized pack, it was just her family though. She was the second littler of Felix and Sky, born with her brother Hedge. When Cri was 6 months old a large grey wolf, along with other wolves, joined the pack. Tormo, the large grey wolf, challenged my father. Tormo beat him and took over as Alpha. Tormo tried to mate with my mother but she refused and was banned, later as I turned 1 he tried to mate with my sister, she also refused and ran away. My father later then ran away. I was left with my brothers who protected me and kept me out of the sight of Tormo. Tormo soon noticed me and attempted to mate with me, but my brother fought him when I refused and I ran away. The oldest brother, Miller, beat Tormo and took over. My family soon joined again and Tormo was omega. After turning 2 I went out to create my own life, as my father allowed Miller to say Alpha. I found warm rocks as i traveled in what seemed to be a old pack's territory. Then, I met a she-wolf named Almiko, she told me the history of these lands, and I decided to wait till more joined and re-create the River Pack.  

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    Re: Little Black Fox

    Post by Erste on Sat Jul 25, 2015 10:28 pm


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    Re: Little Black Fox

    Post by Crisis on Sat Jul 25, 2015 10:54 pm

    Brandy wrote:Accepted
    Yes ^-^

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    Re: Little Black Fox

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