The Rise of the forgotten Packs

This pack is a semi realistic rp about a group of packs fighting to survive against humans, loners, bears, harsh winters, and even disease.

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    Exploring The Territory

    Post by Crisis on Tue Jul 28, 2015 3:08 pm

    I pawed around the wet lands, my paws sinking into the mud with every step. I grin and dig my paws in deeper giggling at the feeling of the mud. I continue to look around getting a sense of direction, and understanding of the land. I jump on some warm rocks and sit down letting the sun warm me as I look around. I slowly lick the mud off my paws scrunching up my face at the bitter taste of the dirt. I go down to the river and watch the fish stream by, wanting to go in and get one, I stop my self and go look for a mouse. I trot around and stop crouching low as I smell a mink nearby. As I search I see its small movements in the dirt, I then pounce on its back and bite it. Killing it swiftly, I carry it back to the rocks and eat it before I close my eyes and doze off.

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